Sunday, February 29, 2004

The day started very well, considering. Nothing was particularly painful when I woke, which is always a plus. I ran my half-mile, and still nothing hurt - better and better! I had a lovely walk with the dogs, and saw 10 magpies. I'm sure that signifies something, but I don't know what - probably that we need a few more Larson traps in the area.

In preparation for his attempt to conquer the south face of Hadrian's Wall later in the spring, Ned and his gang have taken to walking every Sunday morning. Oddly, these walks of 10 miles or so seem to end up at a pub, from where they need collecting in a slightly dishevelled state mid-afternoon. Today Ned decided to make his walk a little more testing, and packed a rucksack with yesterday's groceries so that he expended more energy and boosted his fitness levels quicker. They have now adjourned to his mate's house for post-training refreshments. I imagine the shopping will have a tale to tell in the larder tonight.

But then the day started going downhill. You'd have thought my idiot neighbour would have learned after last week, when I scolded him for burning plastic bags and paint tins and blowing stinky smoke all over my washing. But no. He's too stupid for that. He waited till I went out with the dogs this afternoon and has done exactly the same thing today. Thoughtless git. I wonder what the technical term is for the slaughter of peasants such as he. Pesticide probably.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Start a blog" they said. "It's very therapeutic".

Gullible souls that we are, we are putting the theory to the test and being very brave, dipping a toe cautiously into the muddy waters of technology, and hoping that it conceals merely minnows and not piranhas.

We'll see how it goes ...