Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Keep on running

I don't usually go in to work on Wednesdays, but tomorrow I'm making an exception because we're having the company Christmas lunch (paid for by the company). Usually it's held on the last day before the seasonal shutdown (which is extra to annual holiday) but because Big Boss is going to Oz for a month starting on Friday it was decided to have it early. His absence has caused a flurry of activity in our office, because he's the only one who knows how to upload stuff onto the website, so we've been trying to get as far ahead of ourselves as possible to hopefully avert disasters. Today we have at least been taught how to generate puzzles so with luck we shouldn't be scraping the barrel by his return. To be on the safe side we've made notes of Boss's mobile number and server-manager's mobile ....

Anyway we're off for a curry at lunchtime tomorrow. Unfortunately Biggest Boss won't be able to be there, and he's the one with the Company credit card. I predict that towards the end of pudding people will start making their excuses and legging it.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Clap your hands in the air

Our bedroom telephone extension is now functioning again! Conversation with certain individuals who came up with innovative suggestions has resulted in my no longer having to thunder downstairs starkers in the middle of the night to answer the phone before the dogs start howling like a pack of timber wolves summoning the leader to their midst. By using pure logic (and a touch guesswork combined with hope and bluff) my chum decided which coloured wire should be attached to which terminal, thus removing the necessity for me to try all possible combinations in turn (no I haven’t worked out the number of options, and I have no intention of doing so).

It pains me deeply to say this, and it goes against almost everything I’ve held true in the past, but sometimes a person has to bite their lips, grit their teeth (quite challenging to do simultaneously and at the same time) and come out with an unpalatable, and almost entirely unbelievable statement. So I beg you all, take a large swig of something restorative, brace yourselves and take it on the chin: Simon is great.

*has large mouthful of raw spirit to rinse mouth*

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Oh why can’t we talk again?

Botherbotherbotherbotherdamn! Sometimes I surprise even myself with my downright stupidity. I think I’ve even out-stupided Simon this time, which I feel is a remarkable achievement. A couple of days ago our phone started playing up, and the Internet kept crashing. We attributed this to the BT engineers who were tinkering in the green boxes to coax a broadband facility to the village. When the phone went completely dead I mobiled BT to see what was happening, and they ran a line check and said it was fine. So we unplugged all the umpteen connections and checked the linebox. That was working, so it was a fault within the house – our responsibility. By a process of elimination we found that everything worked fine until we plugged in the extension line to our bedroom; that killed the lot. Bugger. The line for that runs under the floorboards upstairs and we didn’t want to take up the carpet and boards to replace it. So I’ve bought a new lead which will run in an unsightly way up the wall, past the banisters, around the skirting board, over doorframes, down the other side and through the bedroom wall. So I’ve unscrewed the box, disconnected the cable and pulled it almost all out. There’s a short length jammed in the ceiling of the understairs cupboard but I can live with that. Anyway, I’ve spent several hours this evening poking the new cable through random holes in the walls, tacking it to any available bits of woodwork and finally connected the wires to the terminals (possibly not the right ones because the colours of the actual wires are different to those of the instructions) in the box on the bedroom wall.

It still doesn’t work. Turns out it’s the 50p multisocket in the kitchen that’s faulty.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wider still and wider

Ooooh! Broadband has arrived in the village! Now all we have to do is work our way around the minefield of forms and sign up with our chosen supplier of such delights. But how on earth do we find out if our computer has got all the right sort of stuff, or whether all the extra oomph will make it go poof?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Blue is the colour

Ned is quite, quite mad. Yesterday he got up at stupid o’clock and set off with his equally loony chums to Snowdonia, to go for a walk. The roads were still sheet-ice when I got up several hours later but still before daylight to take the dogs out before work. As usual I assumed that no news was good news, and the fact that I hadn’t been phoned from an A&E department somewhere on the Welsh border they had probably arrived safely. Luckily I was right, and when he phoned this morning he was delighted to discover that he and I make a really good team. Because I’m still on the ABs I haven’t had a drop of the hard stuff since last Friday, so to wake up with a hangover was a tad annoying. But apparently it’s all right – Ned was very, very drunk last night (ooh, surprise) but feels fine, so I must be taking his punishment. What a lovely wife I am. He’d had a nice day yesterday; they climbed Snowdon and it was very cold. But disappointingly they didn’t have any woad on, which is after all traditional when you get snowed on on Snowdon.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Should I cool it or should I blow?

A couple of weeks ago, when things were getting very much out of control, I told the boss (not Big Boss, just the intermediary) that things weren’t going too well, and if I hadn’t managed to get things into better balance by the end of the month I was going to resign. That was accepted, and things started improving as a result of my reprioritisationing, which partly consisted of compartmentalising my life: no thinking of Home when at work, and no thinking of Work when at home. Then this week I’ve been off poorly, as you know, so I phoned in on Monday to explain that I was going to see another doctor, certainly wouldn’t be in that day, probably not Tuesday either but would aim for Friday (those being the only days I work there). That was fine. I phoned in again on Tuesday morning, saying that the New Doctor had thought it unlikely I’d be fit before next week, but that I was still hoping to get in on Friday anyway.

“Oh dear, I’d hoped you would be in today. I’m off on Friday, and on holiday all next week, and then it’s the time you said you’d make your decision. I wanted to talk to you today to find out what you thought the decision was going to be.”

Well I’m sorry, but I think a hurried decision due to pressure like that is as likely to be wrong as right, so I’m sticking to my guns. If I could see into the future and knew how things would be going in a fortnight’s time there’d be no problem. But I can’t, I don’t, and so I won’t be rushed. But I feel all stressed again, because I’m at Home, thinking about work, which is what the problem was in the first place.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Wee'll meet again

We’ve had better weekends. Friday night was perfectly fine; then when I went to the lav last thing before bed I thought I was passing battery acid. It smarted just a tad. But I still felt as though I needed to go. And so it’s gone on since. Saturday morning, having been up to the loo every 15 minutes or so, I started getting washed but had to lie on the bathroom floor before I passed out. By this time it was light and I could see what I was passing (I don’t turn on lights at night) and I know what colour urine is meant to be. Red isn’t it. So I made an appointment with the out of hours doctor at A&E and spent a fun time there in the afternoon. Result – one nasty infection. So I was given some lovely antibiotics which made me nauseous and gave me stomach cramps as well, so I had to also take the high-strength painkillers I was given when I had my foot operated on a while back. By this morning there was no improvement so I’ve seen another doctor and got some new ABs, as it seems I’m resistant to the ones that work best on these things. It’s really really horrible. All the time I feel like I’ve had a gallon of water and not been to the loo for 5 hours. Even when I’ve just been, I’m still bursting. Not fun. And every time I go, no matter how fruitless, I have to drink a glass of water or cranberry juice (yuck!). Ned's been a star, but if I don’t get some sleep soon I might lose my sense of humour.

Friday, November 12, 2004

You'd laugh and say 'nothing's that simple'

And I'd reply "Yes it is"! (Should the exclamation mark go before or after the quotation marks? Or both?)

Anyway, I'm at last free of the complusion to blog regularly. I don't feel guilty if I miss a day, or even two. One more pressure off. I can confidently predict a time when I'll be me again.

And I think that's good. :) :) :)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I wonder who it will be tomorrow?

Phew, that was close. A reasonably thorough stock-take has been carried out; delegation (assisted – thanks!) of essential (to me) stuff and downgrading of the merely important to the status of trivial appears to have got things back on a more even keel. I still hate being a ‘weekend wife’ despite sharing the same house; it may be normal for a lot of people, but it isn’t for us. I’ve learned I’m not Superwoman, and trying to be all things to all people is not only impossible, but also terribly self-destructive. So I’m stuffing myself with metaphorical chill-pills, and they seem to be working – I can now stop doing housework as early as 9pm, rather than after midnight. A step in the right direction, at least.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Flash! Aaahhh!

Guy Fawkes’ night (or weekend) passed far better than I ever dared hope. That desensitisation CD seems to have worked wonders. They all noticed that the fireworks were going off, but even Piglet wasn’t as totally panicked as he used to be. True, he was sticking to us like glue, and trembling, but he didn’t wet himself, and Beattie just lay with her head on my foot instead of trying to dig through the floor. Friday night was the worst because everyone was having their own private party, but on Saturday, when the Junior School two fields away was having its big display, it rained. Oh dear. *chuckles*

Friday, November 05, 2004

Who do girls like they're boys

I received this in a RiddleMule PM.

"P.S. I realize you must be Bean something from the last PD."

Does this mean s/he thinks I'm a 6'9" 18 year old male? Oh dear. Oh deary deary dear. *adjusts make-up*

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Crash! Tinkle! It fell to the floor

That’s the sound of my failure to keep all my plates spinning. So in a major prioritisationary reshuffle some of the elements of my life are being shelved. I’ve made a list of the things I do that I want to do, and also of the things that I need to do. Unfortunately, to enable me to do the things I need to do properly, it’s the things I want to do that have to be shelved. All work and no play … I know, I know. But needs must. Dullsville, here I come.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I've been working like a dog

What a shame that nobody realised that my Hallowe’en story was not a work of fiction but did in fact happen. Never mind.

Anyway, after my little rant and a couple of days off I’ve finally managed to complete the RiddleMule, without too much outside assistance, and I feel much better for it. Those last couple would have nagged and nagged at me if I had just left them. I still loathe and detest 5.18; 5.19 was somewhat better, and 5.20 was really quite fun! Now that’s out of the way I can concentrate on modding and answering the umpteen PMs I get a day – over 60 yesterday! It’s nice when people are polite enough to thank you for helping – they’re more likely to be helped in the future! Enough of that though. I hope my pics of Saturday's select gathering post okay.

Come on, Talis - show us your blog!

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