Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's take off in the blue

We've booked a holiday! For years and years we've both wanted to visit British Columbia and thought if we procrastinated any more we'd never get around to doing it, so we bit the bullet. We got brochures and decided what seemed most like what we wanted to do; booked it and paid the deposit. It should be great: sight-seeing in Vancouver for a couple of days then touring Vancouver Island, walking and cycling and bear watching and whale watching (which is why today we bought new hardware - being indecisive can prove very expensive - to take pictures of things that are actually there, not pictures of where they were two seconds ago) and geocaching and paddling in the Pacific and visiting the actual border which my great-great-great grandfather determined and all stuff like that.

Then BA cabin crew voted for strike action.

If they cock up our first forrin holiday for over 15 years I'll be very, very, VERY cross.