Monday, August 07, 2006

We play the game, we pay the price

As you know, the Cropredy Festival is very much a 'must go' event. For the past few years it's been the second of our summer breaks, following an earlier week in Cornwall (preferably before the school holidays). This year circumstances have denied us our Cornish break so everything was being pinned on Cropredy.

My job, being shared with two other people (I'm summer cover for the usual third party) is normally very free and easy regarding who's on duty when. As long as someone's there the boss doesn't care who it is, and you only get paid for the hours you do, so nobody loses. I normally do the Friday morning session, and as Cropredy's Thursday, Friday and Saturday I hoped to swop my Friday for Wednesday so I could enjoy the festival atmosphere* with plenty of time to sober up.

Guess which week one of the other people's away (in Cornwall, just to rub it in), so I have to do one shift every day?

Ned'll have to set up the tent without me on Thursday morning (if he can arrange things with Mally and Lorry to all arrive at the same time we can camp together - can you co-ordinate, please?) while I'm at work, then I must rush into Leamington, then get home again, then he can come and collect me, then I must go home again on Friday morning to work Friday afternoon then gallop back again (hopefully I can arrange appointments so that the vet leaves on time!) to catch the later acts. I predict that's when I might relax spectacularly.

*Wadworth's 6X