Saturday, March 24, 2007

A very merry unbirthday to me

I got back from walking the dogs and on the doorstep was a package. A bomb? No, it was from Jane across the Pond, responding to my plea regarding Merkin cups, and contained a very fine set of US cup and spoon measures, in a lovely sunny-Californ-eye-ay colour. The timing was perfect because Piglet had just run out of his biscuits and I was going to have a bash at another batch. This time I could get the quantities correct! As I went through the recipe measuring out the various flours and meals I also weighed them. I was pleased to find that I'd guessed quite accurately with some, but there were some that were definitely out. I hadn't suspected that half a cup of soy flour is only fractionally heavier than a quarter cup of cornmeal. The resulting dough needed a lot more milk than the previous batch to make it hold together when I rolled it out.

Very many thanks, Jane, from both me and Piglet!