Friday, January 02, 2009

And mistakes to which they led

To continue ...

... so what you're saying is that I can part-watch a DVD on my player, take it out of the machine, come round to your house, put it into your machine, press 'Play' and it'll start from where I left off?

A video would.


Stu said...

I played my first video for several years the other day. I had to bloody REWIND IT before I could watch it.


Horses for courses, I guess.

My hard-drive player is nice. Picks up where you left off, but with instant access to the start if necessary. But that only works for recording stuff of the telly - not for archive.

jane said...

Why would I only want to watch part of your movie!!

jan said...

We might just want to show you the part starring Ned! ;)