Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tell me more, tell me more

I've been called by the vet's receptionist and asked to come for an interview with the vet on Friday, so that's good - at least I made the shortlist of 'people we can work with'!

A slight short-term problem could be (if I get offered the job in the first place) when they want me to start. At the first interview I said I can start any time, but my mother phoned and told me that she has a date for her cataract op; April 28th. That means I'll have to go down for a few days, at least till she's able to remove the bandage and use the eye because she's only got about 5% vision in the other eye and there's nothing they can do to improve that. I can't leave a frail lady in her eighties with rubbish balance to cope by herself virtually blind.

And it means I'll have to go down the day before the op. Ned'll have to celebrate his half-century alone. Poo.