Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I’ll come bouncing back to you

At last I had my chance to be surgery assistant as well as receptionist! Bob and Dave duly arrived and we completed the consent forms. They were weighed and, because there was 20 minutes before the next client, we decided to make a start, and painkillers were injected with only mild protest, and given a few minutes to take effect. So far so good. Then came the sedative. This should be injected intra-muscularly not subcutaneously and stings (the reasoning behind giving the painkiller first). Dave, the bigger of the two, was very amenable and was soon back in his basket sleeping peacefully. Meanwhile we were wrestling with Bob, who simply wasn’t interested in the idea of either cooperation or placid resistance. A cat weighing 2½ kilos is equipped with many lethal weapons, and we were both soon fully acquainted with all of them; and he wasn’t quiet about it either! The minutes were passing, the next appointment time was fast approaching and Dave was likely to stir, so Bob was caged and covered over to calm down, we mopped up the blood (ours!) and Dave was discombobulated. A quarter-inch incision, a squeeze and a pull and one was gone. Rinse and repeat. All done and dusted, and Davina was wrapped up warm and left to doze during the rest of surgery hours.

Round 2. Bob was still pretty miffed so rather than distress him any more, not to mention risking more injury ourselves, the sedative was applied into his scruff instead. It does work like that, but takes a bit longer. While that was rendering him unconscious Dave was given the reversal jab and was tucked up again. Once sleeping Bob soon became Bobette, his manhood joined Dave’s in the bin and we heaved a sigh of relief. Thank goodness there are no stitches to be taken out later! An hour later and they were carried away home, still somewhat woozy and resentful - especially Bob!

We might be doing a ferret next week ...