Friday, June 09, 2006

Meet me on the corner

I’m a fan of ‘Midsomer Murders’ (“What are you doing here, Cully?”) on a Sunday night, even though I need to watch each episode two or three times before I know whodiddit. That’s because it always starts when we’re well into our first bottle of wine, and by the time it finishes our powers of recall aren’t always great. Anyway, the scenery’s always pretty, a lot of the time is spent saying “ooh look that’s whatisname who was in thingy, isn’t it?” and you can hear loads of magpies in the background but never see them. The real Midsomer area is in Somerset, but the series is filmed in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire which confuses many people who go to Midsomer Norton (real place) to see Midsomer Worthy (fictional place). The fictional area has loads of interestingly named villages in true English fashion (it was only recently I learned that Danby Wiske, a character in a series of historical novels, is a village in Yorkshire); there are such names as Midsomer Malham, Stranglers Wood (I wonder what happened there?), Fletcher’s Cross and Badger’s Drift. Which is what I’ve named the corner near the field up the road, now that the verge has been mown*.

*see blog 24th May