Sunday, June 19, 2011

She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam

No pictures - I had enough to cope with, doing a journey of more than five hundred yards with a car-sick puppy to worry about a camera - but today was a satisfactorily complete day, although nothing went entirely to plan, which in itself made it just right.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the departure from this stage of existence of our friend henry, so a few of us decided to make an Expedition to his first ever geocache and visit the spot nearby where his ashes are buried. For us this involved taking a car-sick puppy on a long car journey, followed by a long walk (when she's only been allowed outside the garden for 2 days, and is limited to 15-minute walks). We delayed our departure till three hours after her breakfast, so that she got some of the benefit of it, and fair play to hre she lasted for an hour before she threw up the first time. By the time we eventually arrived at the meeting-point (Nelly, you did say meet at Tanner's Lane, I've triple-checked) she'd bee sick a few more times and was feeling very sorry for herself. So was I.

Once we'd located each other with the echoes of "Why does nothing ever fuc 'scuse me, doorbell" ringing in our ears, finding the cache went smoothly ... until we realised that the bottle of cider (of which more anon) had succumbed to the law of gravity and emptied itself downhill ... (Why does nothing etc).

Then we set about locating henry's resting place to plant a replacement tree for him, the original one having failed to thrive. For an hour we searched, first with muttered curses which gradually became more audible as the frustration levels grew. We rang his sister to double-check the location - yes, we were in the right place - and the search continued. By this time I was sitting on the ground ("Am I sitting on him?") and finally called out "Come on henry, where are you?". No more than 20 seconds later Andy cried "Victory!!" a mere four feet from where we'd been standing around for ages. If only we'd asked him sooner where he was! I bet he was chortling at us! The cider? The last few drops were sprinkled onto the tree as a libation, sending our good wishes to our friend.


NigelH said...

And TWO feet from me! Glad I made it there. Good to see you and Ned again. Good to meet Piglet and Daisy, too!

silver horde said...

Cheers to you all for doing that and Cheers to Henry for telling you where to put it!! Well done!!


Vera said...

Glad you found Henry! He must have been happy that you made the effort to visit him!

Trouty said...

All sounds just about right to me.
Poor little Daisy though.

omally said...

Yeah, that was Henry playing silly buggers I reckon. I think he still is, too - when I click on the link I sent you I get a street view of Weydown road, not Tanners lane, yet Weydown Road isn't even the place I meant for you to go to! Why does nothing EVER f('scuse me, doorbell) work?

Anyway, yes, glad we found the old bugger eventually - tricksy old sod eh? :)