Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning

After yesterday’s shift I was starting to feel a teensy bit more confident that I’d be able to manage this job, but today’s threw all my confidence out of the window, back to the stage where I can’t decide which is preferable; the job or daily root canal treatment. We did a couple of sales, and my ‘trainer’ was doing fine, teaching me how to find product codes on the computer (the first three letters are usually good, apart from brushes which are HXT or something), and the first appointment was for another of the staff, so she’d be no trouble. And she arrived in good time, and I confirmed her as an Attendee all by myself. Then it all started going downhill. The vet arrived late, then he had to take a phonecall so was even later, then shortly after he started Head Office rang, asking us to make an appointment for bloke to bring in his dead dog for Vet to confirm how it died for insurance. (“I can’t do that here – why bring it here?”). Said bloke arrived early, Vet went out to the van to scan the dog’s chip for ID and confirmation that yes, it was a stiff; not surprising seeing that it had jumped out of the window of his moving van and been run over by the trailer, poor thing. While Vet was out, the phone rang again for him, about the insurance, so I went out to call Vet in. By this time the tiny waiting-room was heaving with dogs, cats and rabbits. Once he was doing appointments again the Vet took aaaaaaaaages and got further and further behind. And the computer seemed to get more and more complicated, and I was getting more and more bewildered. We could finally shut up three-quarters of an hour late. I’m whacked, and my head’s spinning. Apparently today wasn’t unusual. Now I'm trying to write up my notes into a sensible order to make it easier to follow next time.

When I finally got home Harry presented me with a rat he’d caught on the lawn. Lovely. I hope he wasn’t bitten in the process.