Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hit the road, Jack

Sunday suppers have always been special in our house; the time when I'll throw caution to the wind and do a proper roast and a proper pudding. Usually I do the classic roast chicken, or beef (ideally rib), or lamb (from local farmer) or pork (ditto). Today, whilst rummaging in the depths of the freezer, I came across a pheasant which I'd forgotten we had. "Best eat it" I thought. Organic. Free range. What could be better? So I bunged it in the chicken brick (not necessarily from that site - I've had mine for about 30 years) which is the only way to cook birds, did some roast potatoes in the fat from the Christmas goose and various veg and gravy, and it was just gorgeous. When I've had pheasant before it's been too gamy and a bit dry for my taste. This was milder-flavoured and moist all through. Absolutely delicious.

And not a single piece of lead shot on which to break your teeth, because this bird was killed by a Volkswagen. Yes, tonight we feasted on roadkill.