Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two little birdies sitting in a tree

I'd been saving a little anecdote from a local news programme that I thought would amuse people at the Mongfest, but I completely forgot about it then, so you lucky people can have it now. The feature was about a primary school where they'd set up a bird feeding station outside the classroom window so the children could learn about our wild birds (it must have been a slow news day) and after the teacher had explained all about it some of the children were asked what birds they'd seen. You'll need to imagine their broad Black Country accents:

Child 1: "Oi sor a blackbird in a tree"
Child 2: "Oi sor a blackbird"
Child 3: "Woodpeckers av got very long noses"
Child 4: "Oi sor a black one"
Child 5: "Oi sor a penguin"

Well, we did have a cold snap recently ...