Friday, January 26, 2007

Things that the everyday folks leave behind

Returning with the dogs after their gambol across the paddyfields I did my Good Deed for the Community and stopped to remove a carrier bag that some thoughtless cretin had chucked out of his car as he drove down our road. It really annoys me when people chuck rubbish out as they drive along; surely it's not too much trouble to put it into a rubbish bin when you get home, is it? Anyway, the wind was tossing this bag around, causing it to spill its contents creating further mess, so I got the dogs to wait while I tidied up. There was a paper wrapper and half a portion of chips, a drinks can and some packaging. Perhaps the packaging was the reason why the person hadn't wanted to take their rubbish home; an 'Ej*culating B*tt Plug' might not have been on the approved shopping list. I bet the Wombles never had this trouble.